Traditional recipes

Baked lamb with greens and spinach

Baked lamb with greens and spinach

We cut the lamb meat, wash it and wipe it with a napkin.

Wash the greens and cut the onion and garlic into green strips.

Season the meat with salt, pepper and paprika to taste.

Place a layer of greens and then the seasoned meat in the pan, and cover the meat with the rest of the greens.

Add water and wine and cover with aluminum foil.

Put in the preheated oven at 180 degrees.

Leave in the oven for about 90 minutes, remove the foil and leave in the oven until the water drops and the meat browns nicely.

Serve with spinach garnish and baked pepper salad.

It is a delicious food.

Good appetite !!!


Meat can never be missing from the holiday table, only if you are a vegetarian can you organize a party without it. And as in the culinary traditions of our people, meat occupies a leading place, I propose a recipe with pork tenderloin - easy to cook, minimal ingredients and a bestial look in combination with many vegetables.

pork tenderloin - 500 gr
sage, rosemary, cloves
salt, pepper, oil

Wash the pork fillet and dry it with kitchen paper, then grease it with a little oil. We press it on both sides with our spices, which, in fact, could be of the most diverse, not necessarily those indicated in the list of ingredients. Grease the foil with oil, put the fillet on it and wrap well.

Put in the preheated oven (200 degrees) for 40-50 minutes (time depends on the thickness of the meat fillet). Towards the end of cooking we discover the fillet and let it catch the crust (in case you like this option), but we are careful not to dry it too hard. The finished fillet is transferred to a plate and served with baked potatoes, sea salad, corn, lemon, greens.

Potatoes with eggs and telemea

From the series & # 8220wok the best of all & # 8221! I really like to cook in a wok! It is a high-impact tool in the kitchen, it gets you out of trouble when you want to cook something fast, it saves you the need for other dishes and the list could go on with the versatility of recipes that can be prepared in a wok. Lately I have been making more and more potatoes with eggs and telemea, because the children always ask me for a second portion. Personally, the mixture of these ingredients in the pan reminds me of childhood (normally, everything was made in the pan, it was not a wok at the time). Here are the quantities of ingredients related to a large potato:

Large potato-1 (pre-baked)
Telemea (or cheese) - 50g
You- 1
Oil- 1 tbsp
Pickles / salad (optional)
Ham (optional)

1-The baked potato, peeled and chopped, put in a hot wok, along with a tablespoon of oil.
2-Leave it to brown a little, then add the grated cheese (or crushed) and the egg.
3-Mix everything continuously for about a minute. Ready!
4-All you have to do is season (moderately, if you used a saltier cheese), sprinkle your favorite greens and match the salad or pickles you want! Of course, if you want, it can be matched with sausages, ham, etc.

Spinach diet Catalin Botezatu

Fashion designer Catalin Botezatu revealed his miracle diet with which he managed to lose weight for the show "Burlacul" in Story Diete magazine. The cure is mandatory for a week and you manage to lose up to 2-4 kilograms.

Here is what the daily diet consists of:

Breakfast & # 8211 unsweetened black coffee, an orange juice and two oatmeal cookies

Lunch & # 8211 crouton vegetable soup, grilled chicken breast with tomato salad and a cup of green tea
Dinner & # 8211 sautéed spinach with grilled white fish, another cup of green tea.

Breakfast & # 8211 a cup of black tea, a slice of toasted bread, a large apple
Lunch & # 8211 tomato soup with ginger and croutons, fruit salad
sea, green tea
Dinner & # 8211 baked beef with tomato and oregano sauce, lettuce with lemon and green tea.
Breakfast & # 8211; a bowl of skim milk with whole grains, a teaspoon of honey.
Lunch of low-fat beef soup, pumpkin soufflé with cottage cheese and dill
Dinner: grilled chicken breast with baked pepper salad.
Breakfast & # 8211
Lunch & # 8211 Cabbage Soup, Grilled Beef with Mushrooms or Sauteed Spinach, Green Tea
Dinner & # 8211 sautéed vegetables with grilled fish.
Breakfast & # 8211 black tea, a slice of toast with skim cheese
Lunch & # 8211 chicken soup, baked chicken with rice, green tea
Dinner & # 8211 grilled shrimp or white fish with lemon juice.

Breakfast & # 8211 rice with soy milk
Lunch & # 8211 onion soup, lamb steak with herbs, green tea
Dinner & # 8211 tuna salad.

Breakfast & # 8211 green tea, two oatmeal cookies, a green apple
Lunch & # 8211 Baked fish and fish borscht with spices
Dinner & # 8211 seafood salad or sushi.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lamb goulash in a cauldron

It's a bit inappropriate to say goulash in the cauldron, because, automatically, when you say goulash, you say cauldron. Not that it wouldn't work at home, but it's different in the cauldron. I put the pot for the lamb goulash on. I was super excited when I found Sidonia's recipe and she mentions that it is original, Hungarian.
Sidy is this month's host of the Weekend Challenge with a boost. And you really get a boost when you read her blog! For this month she offered us the following topics: Lamb, Soups, Salads. Normally, this month she could not miss the lamb, so a goulash is wonderful.

1kg lamb, 2-3 onions, 2 tablespoons lard, 3-4 carrots, 2 parsley roots, 2 parsnip roots, 1 celery, 1 leg of green onion, 2-3 cloves green garlic, 700gr potatoes, salt, pepper , sweet / hot paprika, bay leaves, cumin, 2ling goulash cream, 1 leg of green parsley.

Method of preparation:
The vegetables and greens are cleaned and cut into cubes. The meat is washed, drained well and cut into cubes. Both bone and rib meat and lean meat are used. I deboned a pulp.
Make the fire and heat the cauldron. Melt the lard and add the onion. Cook until it becomes transparent. Add the meat and cook until it changes color. Add the paprika, salt, pepper, cumin, goulash cream and foil. I used ground cumin. If you have cumin seeds, put them in a gauze bag so they don't spread in the food. Pour 3-4 liters of water and let it boil.

When the meat is almost cooked, add the diced vegetables. After 20 minutes, add the potatoes. Let everything boil well.

When the meat and potatoes are cooked, take the kettle off the heat and sprinkle green parsley on top.
Serve with hot peppers and a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers.

Baked lamb chop with aromatic herbs and mustard - especially tasty

  • Baked honey cutlet (Maria Matyiku / The Epoch Times) Baked honey cutlet
  • The main ingredients (Maria Matyiku / The Epoch Times) The main ingredients
  • Fry the chops on all sides until they catch a slightly brown crust. (Maria Matyiku / The Epoch Times) Fry the chops on all sides until they catch a slightly brown crust.
  • Make the sauce for greased meat (Maria Matyiku / The Epoch Times) Make the sauce for greased meat
  • While still hot, grease the meat well with the herb and mustard sauce, using a brush. (Maria Matyiku / The Epoch Times) While still hot, grease the meat well with the herb and mustard sauce with a brush.
  • Before serving, while still hot, slice the meat (Maria Matyiku / The Epoch Times) Before serving, while still hot, slice the meat
  • Optionally, the pieces of meat can be sprinkled with ground pistachios. (Maria Matyiku / The Epoch Times) Optionally, pieces of meat can be sprinkled with ground pistachios.
  • Lamb cutlet can be served with potatoes, vegetables, or your favorite salad. We wish you good luck! (Maria Matyiku / The Epoch Times) Lamb cutlet can be served with potatoes, vegetables, or your favorite salad. We wish you good luck!

Of the many options available, we suggest you try baking chops. It is a steak that is prepared quickly and is very aromatic and tasty.

The secret is simple: after frying in a pan until they catch a crust that keeps the meat tender, the pieces of meat are covered with a mustard sauce, garlic and aromatic herbs that are infused in the meat during baking, giving it a special taste.


a quarter teaspoon of salt,

a quarter teaspoon freshly ground black pepper,

2 tablespoons oil, plus a piece of butter for frying

1 teaspoon thyme or marjoram,

2 tablespoons olive oil,

2 tablespoons Tecuci mustard, and / or Dijon mustard with seeds

100 g of large ground pistachio seeds (optional).


The lamb chops are cut into smaller portions of 2-3 pieces.

Remove the excess fat, leaving only a thin layer, after which the fat grows in the shape of a diamond.

Sprinkle the chop pieces with salt and pepper. In a pan with a little oil to which a piece of butter is added, then fry the chops on all sides until they catch a slightly brown crust.

In a smaller bowl, prepare the sauce for greasing the meat: mix well the garlic given through the press, the chopped thyme and sage, with the olive oil and the mustard until a paste is obtained.

While hot, grease the meat well with the herb and mustard sauce, using a brush.

The meat is then placed in a tray with the fat side down and put in the oven heated to 200 C, for 8-9 minutes if you want the meat in the blood or 15 minutes if you want it to penetrate.

Remove the pan from the oven to turn the pieces of meat, then continue to cook for another 4-5 minutes. The cooking time is relative, because it depends on the thickness of the piece of meat. It is safest to test the meat in a corner by pricking. The steak is penetrated if the liquid comes out through the sting is bloodless and slightly transparent, or pink for the steak in the blood.

Before serving, while they are still hot, cut the pieces of meat into portions. Optionally, the pieces of meat can be sprinkled with ground pistachios.

Lamb cutlet can be served with potatoes, vegetables, or your favorite salad. We wish you good luck!

What else am I cooking?

Stew is a spring dish, which I make when onions and garlic are still tender and the threads are thin. It is considered a specific Easter food, but I prefer to do it after Easter, especially if Easter falls in April. If it's later, then I have to walk more through the market, after the thin green onion, but now I also have the advantage that I can take it from my garden - where it is done later than the ones from the market.
Stew can be made with any kind of meat: chicken, pork, even beef, but it is delicious with lamb. I stew lamb ribs, but you can put any kind of meat. But, if I have a whole Easter lamb, my legs are steaked, my organs are loose and I still use some bones in the soup. My ribs and muscles remain, which I remove from the string. I also choose some meat, quite fatty, from the ribs, which I keep for sarmalute in stevia sheets. That's why I use ribs when making stew or spinach.

- 10 bundles of green onions
- 5 bunches of green garlic
- 2-3 tablespoons tomato paste
- 1 tablespoon flour
- 1 glass of borscht or 1 tablespoon of vinegar
- 1 kg lamb ribs (about half of the ribs of a 12 kg lamb)

First clean the onion and garlic: cut their roots and clean the first leaf, which is usually fresh or even dry. But before doing that, I boil 3 liters of water in a pot, with which I will scald the onion and garlic threads, to get the taste of grass.
Then I wash them all well, insisting especially on the leaves and in the place where the leaves start, where the soil can remain.

I take a bunch of onion threads and cut it into pieces, about 4-5 cm, on top of a larger bowl or a taller pan, in which to fit all the pieces of onion and green garlic.

When I finish cutting, I pour boiled water over them and then I strain them through a larger sieve, in which they can all fit.

I leave them there until it's their turn and I start to prepare the meat.
Cut the lamb ribs into 2 pieces, then break them in half, so that they are not too long, as they do not fit well in the pan. as I did when I was learning to make stew!

The cookbook says what to do, but not in detail. for me "right pieces" meant 2 ribs each, although they confused me very badly when I mixed in the food! It took a long time until I realized that they can be cut in half, that is, to split them in two! Luckily, at that time, I rarely had lamb, so I made chicken and it was no problem. Stew was the very first food my daughter ate after she was 1 year old and went through the baby food phase. Don't be shocked, that's how the children ate at that time and look, they are very healthy!
To return to the recipe. after cutting the ribs (or any suitable pieces of meat), wash them well, clean them of any hairs left over from the lamb's fur, then fry them in oil in a suitable heat, in a pan in which to enter all the pieces, without being crowded. Of course, if you do not want to put so much meat, you can reduce the proportions, ie put less of each ingredient.
Cover the pan with a lid and turn the pieces on the other side, to brown well on both sides. Then I take them out on a plate and start making the stew.
In recent years, I have preferred to bake the ribs in the oven, over high heat, where they are made much faster (in about 10 minutes) and I don't worry (the stove doesn't get dirty anymore!), While I prepare the stew.

I put all the scalded onion and garlic threads in the oil in which I fried the meat and cover them with water. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt, mix, put the lid on and let it boil for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, preheat the oven over high heat. Then add to the stew the broth, borscht and flour mixed with a little water (so as not to become lumpy). Mix everything well and let it boil. I add the lamb ribs, which I place on top, with the bulging side up - to facilitate the cooking of the meat that is on them, only on that side, not on the inside. If I baked the ribs in the oven, I add the fat from the pan to the stew, to give it the taste of lamb. Put the pan with the stew in the oven for about 40 minutes, until it drops enough and browns a little on top.

Serve when it has cooled a little, but not too cold, otherwise the fat from the lamb is unpleasant to taste.

Spinach with lamb

The lamb is cut, fitting two pieces into portions and then braised in a pan with oil. When ready, remove to a bowl. Onions, carrots and celery after cleaning and washing, cut into slices and fry in the remaining oil from the meat, along with the flour. Quench with broth and water and simmer for about 30 minutes, then strain the sauce over the meat and simmer together. Choose the spinach, wash it and boil it in boiling water, keeping it for about 10 minutes. Then cool, squeeze the water, cut with a knife and fry in oil, quenching with meat sauce. Add sour lemon juice and simmer with the meat for 10 minutes. Serve with butter on top.

Nutritional values ​​per serving of 330g (100g honey, 220g spinach, 10g sauce (butter)


Frittata with spinach and ricotta is perfect for breakfast, because it is very light. But if you are a fan of the consistent version, in the English style, you can go for the version with spicy sausages and mozzarella.

1. Wash the spinach leaves well and put them in a pan with a little butter. Let them simmer for a while, then add the ricotta pieces and fennel seeds.

2. Separately, beat the eggs a little and pour them into the pan, evenly, over the spinach and ricotta.

3. Let the frittata simmer for a few minutes, until it is done. It is not necessary to turn it from side to side or leave it on the fire too much, because it will come out dry or burn on the bottom.

About me

Chef Joseph Hadad lives and breathes through the culinary art, considered an absolute artist in the preparation of sensational dishes.

His life story is impressive, marked by extraordinary experiences that brought him to today's level.

Chef Joseph Hadad was born on December 7, 1959 in Jerusalem, in a family with a tradition in gastronomy, with a mother of Moroccan origin and a Tunisian father.

The vocation for culinary art appears in adolescence, when his father, a cook on a cruise ship, sends young Joseph, for 3 years, to Haifa School of Cooking.

At the age of 19, after finishing school, he joined the army for the next 3 years. After his military service, Joseph is employed at Dan Carmel Hotel as an assistant cook. With an extraordinary desire to learn more, he moves after 3 years as Chef Garde-Manger at the Jordan River Hotel, a 450-room hotel in Tiberias, to be promoted in 1989 as Executive Chef to the famous King David Hotel from Jerusalem.

Over time, Joseph is dedicated exclusively to his passion for cooking, his talent being noticed by colleagues and customers alike in various famous locations around the world: Kempinski Hotel in Germany, Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston, Savoy Hotel in London, Michelin restaurants in Paris and many more.

Joseph holds the secrets of over 2000 sophisticated recipes and as a star of international cuisine he had the opportunity to create real culinary shows for world celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Francois Mitterrand or Margaret Thatcher, for King Hussein of Jordan, King Juan Carlos of Spain and the Prince of Lichtenstein. Movie stars and pop-rock legends were also Joseph Hadad's guests. Robert de Niro, Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and many others.

In 1997 Joseph Hadad came to Romania, as Executive Chef at the Casa Vernescu Restaurant in Bucharest, a symbol of haute cuisine, where he imprinted the style of "gourmet cuisine" for 14 years and with which he maintains a deep emotional connection.

In 2012, Chef Joseph Hadad made his debut on television, on Antena 1, being co-opted in the jury of the Top Chef show, one of the most prestigious shows in Romania. Chef Hadad was chosen to fulfill this role due to his career and the skill with which he transforms any plate into art. For 2 years, he inspired by his creations, judged talented chefs and became appreciated by millions of Romanians.

In 2013, Chef Joseph Hadad fulfilled his biggest dream and opened the restaurant that bears his name in Bucharest. In 3 years since its opening, Joseph Restaurant has become a landmark for lovers of refined cuisine, being appreciated by hundreds of customers but also by specialized critics.

Under pressure from customers fascinated by Joseph Hadad's dishes, in 2014 Chef takes another important step and launches the Cooking with Joseph cooking course program.

2015 was a full year for Chef Joseph Hadad, with 100% involvement in his work: restaurant, courses, demonstrations, social projects, all crowned by local recognition, by obtaining awards validated by industry and, for the first time, by international recognition, by obtaining the Gold Quality Award in Paris, within the World Quality Convention.

2016 promises at least as many culinary challenges. It's the year Chef prepares a long-awaited gift for his fans: his first cookbook. And many other top gastronomic concepts.

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