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Eggnog Milkshake

Eggnog Milkshake


  • 7 Ounces Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 1/4 Cup Whole Milk
  • 1/4 Cup Spiced Dark Rum, preferably Meyers
  • Pinch of Fresh grated Nutmeg
  • Pinch of Ground Cinnamon
  • 1 Ounce whipped cream
  • 2 gingersnaps, crushed


Combine ice cream, milk, rum, and gingersnaps and blend. Pour into cup and top with whipped cream, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Serve immediately.

Nutritional Facts


Calories Per Serving1136

Total Fat43g66%






Vitamin A316µg35%

Vitamin B121µg19%

Vitamin B60.1mg6.5%

Vitamin C1mg2%

Vitamin D1µgN/A

Vitamin E0.8mg4.1%

Vitamin K1µg2%



Folate (food)14µgN/A

Folate equivalent (total)14µg3%




Niacin (B3)4mg18%




Riboflavin (B2)0.8mg49.9%


Sugars, added42gN/A

Thiamin (B1)0.5mg32.7%



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Eggnog Milkshake - Recipes

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Heres a fast and simple formula for an eggnog milkshake.

This formula is delectable and an option in contrast to customary eggnog.

To eliminate the calories you can utilize skim milk or low fat milk and low fat frozen yogurt.

Make it more bubbly by utilizing beautifying glasses or mugs and including a sweets stick or cinnamon stick for an additional extraordinary treat.

Eggnog milkshake just takes a couple of moments to make however everybody will think you put forth an extraordinary attempt.

Simply figure how pleasant it will be to plunk down in your comfortable lounge while the Christmas music is playing and the Christmas tree lights are gleaming and enjoy the cool, smooth kind of an eggnog milkshake.

Garnishing the Rims of the Glasses

Place some tiny or crushed candies or other little sweet things in small bowls (but bowls big enough for the glasses to be dipped in upside down). You can use mini chocolate chips (try to find the super mini chips if you can, available at baking shops and places where baking supplies are sold), crushed peppermint bark or candy canes (these may well be hanging around your home at this time of year as well) or m ‘n m’s.

Anything that is small and will stick to melted chocolate is fair game. You also see some crushed fruity cereal on the rim of the mango version—we were in an orange frame of mind.

Melt chocolate chips (or butterscotch or white chocolate or peanut butter chips) in a small bowl. This is best done in the microwave if you are melting a small amount. Just put the chips in the bowl, and heat it for 20 second bursts, stirring between each session, until the chips are melted. You can also use a thick caramel or hot fudge sauce, but make sure it’s thick.

Dip the rims of the glasses into the melted chocolate, and then into a bowl with the little candy garnish. You can mix candies as well.

Place these glasses in the freezer so the chocolate can firm up and keep everything in place.

How to Turn Leftover Egg Nog Into Milkshakes: Leftover Egg Nog is just an amazing boozy milkshake waiting to happen (and if you have booze free egg nog, then you have both options!)

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Old Time Eggnog Shake Recipes

The Dispenser's Formulary or Soda Water Guide (1915)

Everybody Wanted an Egg Shake at the Drug Store Soda Fountain
(Source: ©everett255/

Whenever the soda jerk had added an egg to a milkshake before shaking, it became a delicious Egg Shake. Acid syrup flavors should NEVER be used in making eggnog shake recipes, as the acid tends to curdle the milk or cream.

Eggnog shake recipes call for raw, uncooked eggs. To avoid any health risk, please read my Raw Eggs and Salmonella article for simple instructions on how to safely use raw eggs.

Genuine Egg Milkshake

1 ounce any desired flavor of syrup, 1/4 glassful finely shaved ice, enough milk to make 12 ounces, 1 egg. Shake and strain. This formula makes a genuine egg milk shake. Use very little ice. Charge 15 cents.

Sportsman's Shake

One fresh egg, 1 dash strawberry syrup, 1 teaspoonful sugar. Place in a glass in the order named and fill with milk shake well and strain in glass. Top off with grated nutmeg. Charge 15 cents.

Egg Vichy

One egg, 1/2 glass shaved ice, 1 ounce pure water. Shake thoroughly then add slowly, while constantly stirring enough Vichy water (or soda water) to fill the glass. Price—12 ounces, 10 cents.

Chocolate Egg Shake

2 ounces chocolate syrup, 1 scoop cracked ice, 1 egg, enough milk to nearly fill glass. Pour the syrup into the glass, add the egg, and cracked ice, then fill the shaker about one-third full of milk and shake.

Finally, add the balance of the milk to fill the shaker about two-thirds full. Shake well and strain into a clean glass. Top off with a little powdered mace, nutmeg, or cinnamon.

The above formula is recommended for making a chocolate egg shake. Price—12 ounces, 15 cents.

Egg Chocolate

1 ounce chocolate syrup, white and yolk of 1 egg, small quantity of crushed ice. Shake well, then add plain carbonated water sufficient to fill tumbler.

Stir with twist bar spoon, strain, then pour alternatively from tumbler to shaker, and serve. This drink is rather thin and should not be priced at more than 10 cents.

Conger's Egg Chocolate

1 ounce chocolate syrup, 1/2 ounce vanilla syrup, 1 egg, piece if ice size of walnut. Shake well together, add plain soda and pour from shaker to glass three times top off with nutmeg. Price 12 ounces—10 cents.

Hawaiian Chocolate Shake

This eggnog shake recipe calls for vanilla ice cream and tastes similar to a chocolate ice cream soda.

Break and separate an egg beat up the white with half an ounce of chocolate syrup, and the yolk with a similar quantity of pineapple crushed fruit syrup beat the two mixtures well together and then shake up with an ounce of chocolate syrup and a scoopful of vanilla ice cream.

Pour into a 12-ounce glass and fill with carbonated water, fine stream. Serve with two straws. This formula may be much improved by dispensing all milk instead of carbonated water and charging 20 cents for 12 ounces. —Beverly F. Towne

American Gentleman

Juice of 1 orange, 3 teaspoons powdered sugar, 1 egg, 1 ounce grape juice, 1/4 ounce port wine, small quantity shaved ice. Add ingredients to glass, fill glass with plain water shake, put in 12-ounce lemonade glass, finish with a slice of pineapple and a cherry.

The "American Gentleman" may be livened up by the application of a little carbonated water. Price—12 ounces, 20 cents.

Big Gun Egg Shake

Juice of 1 lemon, 1 egg, 1 tablespoonful powdered sugar, 2 ounces shaved ice. Shake thoroughly, strain into a 12-ounce glass, and fill with ginger ale. The Big Gun Egg is a good thirst quencher. Charge 15 cents.

Cupid's Delight

This eggnog shake recipe calls for vanilla ice cream and pineapple ice making it a veritable ice cream sundae in a glass.

Use a lemonade shaker. Put in a scoopful of soft vanilla ice cream, 2 teaspoonfuls pulverized sugar, one scoopful of pineapple ice, and one egg beat the mixture well with a spoon and pour on a fine stream of carbonated water to make a 12-ounce drink top off with whipped cream and serve with two straws.

No syrup is required in this drink. Price—12 ounces, 10 cents. —Howard E. Rollison

Strawberry Egg

To 1 egg in mixing glass, add 2 ounces of strawberry syrup, 2 ounces of plain cream, shake well with ice, and serve in bell glass filled with carbonated water. Charge 10 cents.

Charlotte Shake

To small quantity of shaved ice in a tumbler, add 1 whole egg, a little sweet cream, and maraschino syrup (syrup from a jar of maraschino cherries may be used) shake the whole well and fill the glass with milk. Price—12 ounces, 15 cents.

Olympic Egg Shake

A small quantity of shaved ice, juice of 1 lemon, 1 ounce grape juice, 1 egg, 2 tablespoonfuls powdered sugar. Dispense in a 12-ounce lemonade glass, fill with carbonated water, and garnish with an orange slice and a cherry. Charge 15 cents.

Lunar Blend

This eggnog shake recipe makes a drink that's similar to an old time float beverage.

Take two mixing glasses, break an egg, putting the yolk in one glass, the white into the other into the glass with the yolk add one ounce cherry syrup and some cracked ice, shake, add small quantity carbonated water and strain into a 12-ounce glass.

Into the other mixing glass add one ounce plain sweet cream and beat with a bar spoon until well whipped, add one-half ounce lemon syrup, then transfer it into shaker and add carbonated water and float mixture on top of the yolk and cherry syrup. Serve with two straws.

Washington Egg Shake

2 ounces grape juice, juice of half a lemon, 2 teaspoonfuls powdered sugar, 1 egg, 2 ounces plain water, cracked ice. Shake together well. Prepare a large goblet in the following manner:

In bottom of glass put pieces of ice, one tablespoonful of pineapple sherbet. Over this pour a ladleful of grated pineapple, then strain the contents of shaker over all, garnish with fruit and serve with a spoon and straws. Charge 20 cents.

Kansas High Ball

Juice of 1 lemon, 3 ounces grape juice, 1 egg, simple syrup to sweeten, half a scoop of cracked ice, water.

Mix in a glass, shake well, jerk up with carbonated water, strain and serve in 8- or 10-ounce stem glass. Price, 15 cents. —Vance R. Thralls

Navy Egg Shake

This eggnog shake recipe makes a refreshing spicy shake that leaves a tingle on the tongue.

Into a 14-ounce glass pour 2 to 2-1/2 ounces of strawberry syrup. Into this break two eggs and add a few dashes of Jamaica ginger, 1 to 2 ounces of sweet cream, and a little fine-shaved ice.

Shake thoroughly and fill with carbonated water. Strain into clean glass and serve. May be topped with spice, if desired.

The carbonated water should be added to the syrup and eggs in the shaker and from the shaker strained into the serving glass. Price—12-ounce glass, 20 cents.

Carbonated Water (soda water) can be found for sale in the soft drink section of most food and convenience stores.

Torani Soda Syrups can be found for sale at Amazon in dozens of flavors ranging from Classic Root Beer to Watermelon.


  • 12 ounces whole milk
  • 8 ounces heavy cream
  • 1 Tahitian vanilla bean, split and scraped seeds reserved
  • 1 cinnamon stick, about 3" long
  • 3 whole nutmegs, roughly chopped
  • 3 ounces egg yolks (from about 5 eggs)
  • 7 ounces sugar
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 ounces Frangelico
  • 1/2 Tbsp vanilla extract
  • Whipped Cream Mix-In/Topping:
  • 12 ounces whipped cream
  • 2 ounces brown sugar
  • Optional: 4 Maraschino cherries

Thick Creamy Eggnog & Rum Milkshakes 'n Malts

Sipping milkshake cocktails in front of a warm fire and a twinkling Christmas tree with the snow falling outside might not be everyone's 'ideal', but, I'm not everyone -- I am an eggnog lover who adores thick, creamy, rum-laced eggnog malts.  On years when Joe and I are alone for the holidays, scratch-making eggnog isn't a priority for me because I can purchase seriously high-quality eggnog from my local Meyer Dairy.  So, once a year, I "milk" the situation.  Whenever applicable, eggnog replaces milk in my beverages, and, I bake and cook with it too.  I make eggnog cookies, poundcake, shortbread, pancakes, French toast and waffles to name a few.

Eggnog -- the official drink of Christmas & the New Year!

References to eggnog date back to the 1800's, when, even back then it was served during the Winter holiday season. Known as "egg milk punch", it was and still is a sweetened dairy-based beverage made with milk, sugar, raw egg yolks, whipped egg whites and a splash of rum and/or vanilla extract. Nowadays cream is always included in place of some or all of the milk, because today's milk has a much lower fat content than milk in the 1800's, which had cream on top. Brandy, rum and/or bourbon were and still are almost always added. The plain truth:  Eggnog just tastes better with some alcohol in it.

Eggnog literally means "eggs in a small cup", and it is used on both sides of the Atlantic to toast to ones health.  "Nog" is an old English term for a small wooden cup.  As an English creation, it descended from a hot British drink called posset, made from eggs beaten with milk, sugar and some type of spirit.

During that time period, alcoholic drinks were commonly served at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Because it was cooked, posset traveled well and adapted easily to local tastes wherever it landed. One such landing place was our American colonies. America was full of farms, which were full of chickens, cows, and: plenty of cheap rum, which is America's signature ingredient.

Nowadays pasteurized eggnog is sold in milk-like cartons in  almost  every grocery store in America.  That said, store-bought eggnog is not created equal.  Most name brands are cloyingly sweet, leaving an almost bubblegum-like aftertaste.  Purists like me agree "don't waste a dime on that stuff".  Head to a local dairy to get a taste of a real-deal high-quality product. 

What's the difference between a milkshake and malt?

A malt is a milkshake that has malted milk powder added to it.  I grew up in the 1960's and ྂ's, which was a period in time after the 1950's malt shops had disappeared and prior to the world being overtaken by fast food chains. There were, however, still mom and pop run ice cream and fast food drive-ins in every town.  These places, besides serving ice-cream (some specializing in hard ice-cream, others in soft-serve) made great hot dogs, hamburgers and fries.  Besides coke and root beer, they also specialized in shakes and malts.  In my hometown of Hometown, PA, we had Kellet's.  They made their own hard ice-cream and Mrs. Kellet did not skimp on the amount of malted milk powder she put in her malts.  On a side note:  No one had to coax me into trying a malted milkshake.  I grew up watching Leave it to Beaver and Wally was always headed to The Malt Shop to hang out with his friends -- what was good enough for the handsome Wally Cleaver, was good enough for me.

Vanilla Milkshake, is made of vanilla ice cream, vanilla extract and milk, and it is the basic recipe from which all shakes are made.

The basic recipe can and should be adjusted to suit your taste. Chocolate Milkshakes are vanilla milkshakes to which chocolate syrup has been added. Double Chocolate Milkshakes are made using chocolate ice cream in place of vanilla ice cream. A Strawberry Milkshake is made using strawberry ice cream and a Double Strawberry Milkshake has strawberry preserves added to it for extra flavor. Vanilla Malts, Chocolate Malts and Strawberry Malts simply have malted milk powder added to them.

How to: Make Great Milkshakes & Malts at Home

What exactly is malted milk powder?

It is a combination of malted barley, wheat flour, malt flour and powdered milk.  It usually contains additives like sugar and flavorings like vanilla or chocolate.  The term "malt" refers to a specific process where a grain is placed in a warm environment, allowed to sprout, and is quickly dried to a fine powder form. Malted milk powder was invented by a London pharmacist, James Horlicks, in 1869.  His intention was for it to be a liquid supplement for infants and invalids, but it quickly found popularity in unexpected food markets.  Because it was lightweight and nonperishable, explorers like Admiral Richard E. Byrd took it to Antarctica.  Because of its pleasant, sweet taste when mixed with milk, people in general started drinking malted milk for enjoyment.  My mother added malted milk powder to my milk (because I hated plain white milk) to entice me into to drinking it -- it worked.

To make Mel's Eggnog & Rum Milkshakes or Malts:

For each eggnog shake or malt :

5  large, 2 1/2" scoops eggnog, vanilla, or French vanilla ice cream, your favorite brand

1/2  cup cold eggnog, more or less depending upon how thick you like your shakes to be

2  tablespoons light rum (for an alcoholic shake), or, 1 teaspoon butter-rum flavoring (for a non-alcoholic shake), or, both (I use both)

4  tablespoons malted milk powder (for turning  an eggnog shake into an eggnog malt)

whipped cream, a sprinkling of ground nutmeg and/or a maraschino cherry, to garnish each shake or malt 

Place all ingredients in drink mixer or blender.  Blend at low speed, to combine the ingredients, about 5 seconds, then increase speed to high and blend until smooth, about 45-60 seconds.

Garnish each shake w/whipped cream, nutmeg & a cherry:

His sled's overhead, so, enjoy a merry little Christmas cocktail:

Thick Creamy Eggnog & Rum Milkshakes 'n Malts :  Recipe yields instructions to make one eggnog & rum milkshake or malt.  That said, each milkshake or malt will also yield 2-3 smaller-sized cocktails.

Special Equipment List :  electric drink mixer or blender 2 1/2" ice cream scoop tall glasses long-handled drink spoons straws

Cook's Note :  In the 1950's, Carnation became a distributor of malted milk powder.  Like Ovaltine, Carnation marketed plain- and chocolate-flavored options.  While Horlicks remains popular in the UK, India and Southeast Asia, Carnation and Ovaltine have pretty much taken over the present day American market.  In 1985 the Nestle corporation acquired Carnation, then in 2007 Nestle acquired Ovaltine, which is a Swiss made malt drink mix.  Can Ovaltine be used to make milkshakes?  You betcha.

"We are all in this food world together."

(Recipe, Commentary and Photos courtesy of Melanie's Kitchen/Copyright 2016) 

Mel's Happy Valley Meyer Dairy Eggnog Cookies

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Cinnamon-Raisin Bread French-Toast Casserole

Madeleines: 'Hoity-Toity' Shell-Shaped Tea Cakes

Baking Basic: Evaporated Milk & Condensed Milk

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Orange Cinnamon & Vanilla Bean Breakfast Butter

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The day I turned Pastry Cream into Frozen Custard

My Silky-Smooth Spiced Apple-Pear Puree Sorbet (+ the best tip EVER for perfect sorbet all the time)!

Every Fast Food Restaurant Milkshake Ranked

Milkshakes were first created in 1885 and meant to be a frothy alcoholic treat usually accompanied with whiskey. By the 1900's some genius we're all super appreciative of started using ice cream and thus the modern day milkshake was invented. Each fast food joint makes them differently. From Shake Shack to Whataburger, we've ranked the best shakes from every fast food joint we were able to find.

Official Menu Description: "However your Crave shakes out, we've got the perfect flavor just for you. Flavors may vary by Castle." - White Castle

Verdict: This shake is as basic as it can get. Made with a healthy dose of dairy and other essentials, the chocolate shake from White Castle is great if you're looking for a quick fix. Besides chocolate, you can get this in strawberry and vanilla. Frankly, there are better options available considering the flavors available taste as basic as your elementary school milk box. The shake is less flavorful than competitor offerings and lacks any White Castle signature (that can be found in items like the sliders).

Official Menu Description: "Thick, indulgent banana chillness." - Checkers

Verdict: We know what you're thinking and yes, people do enjoy banana-flavored sweets. The classic milkshakes from Checkers or Rally's (name depending on your location) also comes in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. The real winner here is the banana iteration since no other fast food joint makes this one so smooth and silky. Made with just bananas, vanilla ice cream and cold milk, the banana milkshake is as simple as it can get for better or worse. What drives it down is the lack of banana chunks that could have been introduced.

Official Menu Description: "Each shake is made with real ice cream that is hand-scooped and individually blended with milk and a choice of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or peach syrup, just the way they were made in the 'old days. ' We'll even mix in real malted milk powder for those guests who want to go super retro and order a malt." - Hardee's

Verdict: Made with the upmost fair typical ingredients, the milkshake at Hardee's is one tough contender. The usual ice cream, milk and flavor syrup is mixed together to create this delectable treat. What it lacks in flavor originality, it makes up for in a pleasant taste and texture. The consistency is where this one falls flat. Nine out of ten times, it's melted into a sloppy puddle by the time you sit down to dig in.

Official Menu Description: "Sorry, Milk, but OREO® has a new best friend&mdashold-fashioned thick shakes. Made with real vanilla ice cream, OREO® cookie pieces, topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. Seriously, Milk. Move on. Sign up for online dating or something." - Jack In The Box

Verdict: Finally, something different! The shakes at Jack In The Box are standard to most with typical flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, but then comes the fan-favorite Oreo flavor to rise above the rest. Although not the best on the list. in terms of price, contrast to other competitors, and originality, this Oreo shake is worth the drive over to the nearest Box.

Official Menu Description: "Whataburger Shakes contain between 430-860 calories, depending on your choice of sizes." - Whataburger

Verdict: Now we're reaching a new standard. Whataburger is an expert of rotating seasonal flavors that don't disappoint. The only drawback is their permanent flavors only come in in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate and their seasonal flavors aren't widely available during peak periods. If you catch them on a good month and in certain states, you can get flavors like Dr Pepper, salted caramel and root beer. These shakes would be higher on the list if you could get the seasonal flavors outside of a few southern states and if said flavor packed more of a punch: "Good for a fast food joint. However , their new Dr.Pepper shake taste nothing like Dr.Pepper it taste like a vanilla chocolate malt candy bar. " said a Yelp review.

Official Menu Description: "The flavors of chocolate and coffee were made to go together. And humans were made to drink milkshakes. We took these two undeniable truths and created our famous Jamocha Shake. It's a frosty, chocolate-y, coffee-y treat."

Verdict: We don't know why coffee-related shakes aren't more of a thing, but the Arby's Jamocha shake is one of wonders. "Decided to stop in at Arby's roast beef for a bite. Forgot how nice a roast beef sandwich is with a Jamocha shake. Very filling and delicious" said a Yelp reviewer.

Official Menu Description: "Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla made with real ice cream." - In-N-Out

Verdict: If you're not ordering off of a secret menu then you're doing fast food wrong. Made with all three different flavors normally available (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) the Neapolitan shake is probably the best shake on the In-N-Out menu. It's a great start to hacking menus everywhere. The flavors (compared to others) might not live up to the hype that the California brand gives to tourist and locals alike.

Official Menu Description: N/A - BurgerFi

Verdict: This offering from BurgerFi somehow manages to capture the experience of eating red velvet cake, but in drinkable shake form. While it may not be a groundbreaking flavor option, this shake maintains the acidic and cream cheese flavors synonymous with its cake brethren. Other shakes come in vanilla, chocolate, black + white, strawberry, Oreo and coffee mocha.

Official Menu Description: "A spin on our classic OREO® Shake, the OREO® Chocolate Shake is a smooth shake made with velvety vanilla soft serve and blended with OREO® cookie pieces and chocolate sauce." - Burger King

Verdict: This shake flavor has mass appeal, but the Burger King version tastes a little artificial when held up against other Oreo shakes.

Official Menu Description: "Make it your lucky day with the shake that started it all. Creamy, dreamy vanilla soft serve blended with Shamrock Shake syrup and topped with delicious whipped topping. Available in small, medium and large." - McDonald's

Verdict: Made with reduced fat vanilla ice cream, shamrock shake syrup and whipped light cream, the Shamrock Shake® from McDonald's is notorious among shake purists. Leaning more on novelty that can sometimes wear off, the shamrock shake doesn't always deliver. "It was not nearly as good as I remember it being. A bit overboard on the minty-ness and it had a slight taste of plastic." Said a Yelp reviewer.

Official Menu Description: "Creme de Menthe blended with milk & creamy DQ vanilla soft serve into a classic DQ shake garnished with whipped topping." - Dairy Queen

Verdict: The impressive pastel green color shines as much as the flavor. The shake is also topped with delicious whipped cream. It's heavy on food coloring which can leave the taste a little artificial, but the winner is its pastel green color which is derived from the actual mint plant.

Official Menu Description: "Hand spun vanilla milkshakes with or without whipped cream." - Five Guys

Verdict: The best thing about these shakes from Five Guys are all the different mix-ins you can add alongside the hand spun vanilla. Bacon, bananas, cherries, chocolate, coffee, malted milk, oreo cookie pieces, peanut butter, salted caramel and strawberries offer you the chance to make a shake that's completely your own. The base flavor vanilla is just average, but the toppings make this shake really shine.

Official Menu Description: "Fresh Frozen Custard blended with mint and chocolate flakes." - Culver's

Verdict: This shake comes in six different flavors (chocolate, vanilla, mint chip, strawberry, regular mint and raspberry.) Culver's is known for being a custard pro and we have to agree. The smoothness of the mint custard leaves a cool sensation that will have you running back for more.

Official Menu Description: "Hand-Spun Heath Shake" - PDQ

Verdict: PDQ was created in 2009 and meant to make people the focus. They now have a strong line of milkshakes that garnered a spot in the top ten. Made with a Heath candy bar and vanilla ice cream, it's a perfect alternative to any coffee milkshake. They also offer flavors like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, Oreo and Reese's.

Official Menu Description: "All of our hand-spun shakes are made with the finest USDA Certified premium vanilla ice cream, whole milk & topped with whip cream." - Johnny Rockets

Verdict: How can you be in a Johnny Rockets and not order a milkshake? The Oreo® Cookies and Cream milkshake is perfectly blended. The different ingredients add a chunkiness to the shake that make it a special treat. You'll also find a sand-like texture where the Oreo meets the vanilla ice cream. Overall, this shake will take you on a texture adventure, but don't let that scare you. Each bite (and texture) is filled with the best quality ingredients.

Official Menu Description: "The Chocolate Frosty® was born out of Dave&rsquos desire for a signature dessert to go with his vision of the perfect meal. Thick enough to use a spoon, smooth enough to use a straw, and perfect when enjoyed on the end of a fry." Wendy's

Verdict: You know what they say about reinventing the wheel. this is exactly that. The Frosty from Wendy's is iconic and only comes in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. Each slurp, spoonful or sip is filled with a thick consistency that always stays the same. "Food is all right. I mainly go there for their chocolate frosty. A classic item on their menu. Their frosty is delicious. It's in-between ice cream and a milkshake. Not thick like ice-cream but not thin enough to suck through a straw. You have to eat it with a spoon. Lots of memories with this place." Said a Yelp reviewer.

Official Menu Description:"Yellow birthday cake and sweet buttercream frosting topped with festive sprinkles." - Steak 'n Shake

Verdict: Considering having a milkshake on your birthday? Try the Birthday Cake and let us know what you think. We know you'll love it. Yellow birthday cake chunks mixed with vanilla ice cream topped with buttercream and sprinkles is just pure euphoria. The vanilla ice cream itself has a medium-thick consistency which is great for people who hate struggling with the straw for a sip. With 24 other milkshake variations, Steak 'n Shake is the perfect place for a cool down.

Official Menu Description:"Real Ice Cream mixed with rich peanut butter and Oreos® into a thick and creamy shake, finished with whipped topping and a cherry." - Sonic Drive-In

Verdict:The Sonic Drive-In is a prime example of perfectly blended ingredients with just enough top layer crunch that will make anyone happy. 12 different variations of milkshakes exist here and we recommend going with the hand-mixed master shakes. A Tripadvisor reviewer said "Stopped here for the first time ever to try the Oreo peanut butter shake. It was yummy! Too thick hard suck using the straw. I had to wait for it to thin out a little bit hence why I gave only 4 stars instead of 5. My husbands shake and daughters shake were thick as well. again great flavor, but take it easy with the thickness. Will definitely come back to try other items on the menu the next time I am in CT. But, reasonably priced! 3 shakes 1 small 2 mediums for 12 bucks. Generous portions too. Their whip cream is delicious."

Official Menu Description: "Hand-spun the old-fashioned way, this refreshing milkshake features Chick-fil-A Icedream® and real peaches, topped off with whipped cream and one crucial cherry. Available seasonally for a limited time" - Chick-fil-A

Verdict:According to a Tripadvisor reviewer "The peach milkshake is to die for&rdquo and we have to agree. If sunshine was a milkshake, this would be it. The Chick-fil-A peach milkshake is seasonal and only available during summer months. Made with vanilla icedream, peaches and cream, this shake should be on everyone's radar. Real chunks of peaches are added to the semi loose mixture creating a rich surprise with each gulp. If it wasn't for it's seasonal status, this milkshake would have been number one.

Official Menu Description: "Don&rsquot call it ice cream: our dense, rich, and creamy frozen custard is the real deal&mdashand we spin it fresh daily at the Shack!

Our vanilla and chocolate recipes only use real sugar (no high-fructose corn syrup), cage-free eggs, and milk from dairy farmers who pledge not to use artificial growth hormones." - Shake Shack

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Made with equal parts chocolate and vanilla ice cream, the decadence of this shake is incomparable. With a thicker texture and more pronounced taste, it may take a while for you to get used to gulping it down. Don't let that bog you down, this shake is worth the work. Simplicity matched with high quality dairy make this number one on the list.

Homemade Eggnog Milkshake

Eggnog is a holiday classic, but that doesn’t mean that there is only one way to enjoy it. Eggnog can be served hot, cold or at room temperature and I like it in all three forms. To take this holiday treat to another level, try a Homemade Eggnog Milkshake this season! This decadent dessert drink is the perfect way to end a holiday meal.

I really enjoy eggnog during the holiday season. I often make my own version of the creamy egg-enriched beverage, but there are many great store bought brands out there to choose from if you are looking to save a little time in the kitchen. The quality of store-bought eggnog has definitely improved over the years, as the drink only gets more and more popular.

Just as the name suggests, this milkshake is made with eggnog. The ‘nog makes it especially rich and it has a hint of custard to it that you won’t find in a plain vanilla milkshake, although you certainly get plenty of vanilla flavor in the finished drink. Eggnog is typically flavored with vanilla and nutmeg. I add more of both to the milkshake because these flavors can be muted in a cold drink and you want them to stand out. Combine the eggnog with a good quality vanilla ice cream to give the drink a good base. Feel free to play around with the ratios here because different brands of eggnog have different consistencies and you might prefer your milkshake to be thicker or thinner than I do. No matter how you make it, be sure to save some room in the glass to top yours with a layer of whipped cream and a bit of additional nutmeg.

This recipe makes enough for about four people, depending on how big your glasses are. It could serve two if you really want to indulge. It could also easily serve more if you want to pour it into smaller punch cups. You can scale the recipe up or down to suit your needs.

Bonus: If you want to put a more adult twist on this milkshake, blend in about 1/4 cup of dark rum. It will give it boozy molasses note that works beautifully with the vanilla and nutmeg, without overpowering those flavors.

Homemade Eggnog Milkshake
2 1/2 cups prepared eggnog, chilled
2 cups vanilla ice cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp freshly grated nutmeg, plus more for topping
whipped cream, for topping

Combine all ingredients, except the whipped cream, in a blender and blend at low speed to combine for a few seconds. Turn speed to high and blend until creamy and smooth. If the shake is too thick, add in a few more tablespoonfuls of eggnog. Divide into serving glasses and top with whipped cream. Sprinkle freshly grated nutmeg on top before serving.

Eggnog recipes

Whisk together the eggnog, brandy, rum and creme de cacao together in a large punch bowl. Add a large block of ice. Grate a little nutmeg over the top of each drink when serving. Makes 8 (6-ounce) punch cups.

Shake all ingredients well with cracked ice and strain into a collins glass. Sprinkle nutmeg on top and serve.

Beat yolks until light in color. Slowly add bourbon, cognac, while beating at slow speed. Chill 3 hrs. Add salt to whites, beat to peaks. Whip s cream until stiff. Fold whipped cream into yolk mixture, then fold in the beaten egg whites. Chill one hour. Serve with nutmeg sprinkled on top. For thinner mixture add 1 or 2 cups of milk. Serve in a punch bowl or another big bowl.

Separate 6 eggs. Beat yolks well. Beat in 1/2 cup sugar. Clean/degrease beaters and bowl. Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. Beat in 1/2 cup sugar. Fold in yolks to whites. Gently stir in 1 pt heavy cream, 1 pt milk, 1 pt bourbon, and 1 oz rum. Serve as is or well chilled. Double recipe to fill a punch bowl.

Separate eggs and refrigerate the whites. Beat ylks until light in color. Gradually beat in sugar, then slowly beat in 1 cup of rum. Let stand covered for atleast 1 hr. Add rest of liquor, cream, and peack brandy, beating constantly. Refrigerate, covered, for 3 hours. Beat egg whites until stiff, fold in. Serve sprinkled with nutmeg. Serve in a punch bowl or another medium sized bowl.

In a small mixer bowl beat egg yolks till blended. Gradually add 1/4 cup sugar, beating at high speed till thick and lemon colored. Stir in milk, stir in rum, bourbon, vanilla, and salt. Chill thoroughly. Whip cream. Wash beaters well. In a large mixer bowl beat egg whites till soft peaks form. Gradually add remaining 1/4 cup sugar, beating to stiff peaks. Fold yolk mixture and whipped cream into egg whites. Serve immediately. Sprinkle nutmeg over each serving. Serve in a punch bowl or another big bowl. NOTE: For a nonalcoholic eggnog, prepare Eggnog as above, except omit the bourbon and rum and increase the milk to 3 cups.

In an electric mixer, beat the egg yolks with the sugar until thick and lemon colored. Slowly add the bourbon and cognac, while beating at a slow speed. Chill several hours. Add the salt to the egg whites and beat until almost stiff, or until the beaten whites form a peak that bends slightly. Whip the cream until stiff. Fold the whipped cream intothe yolk mixture, then fold in the beaten egg whites. Chill one hour. When ready to serve, sprinkle the top with freshly grated nutmeg. Serve in punch bowl. If desired, add one or two cups of milk to the yolk mixture for a thinner eggnog.

Here's an egg nog recipe using cooked eggs, so no one has to be paranoid about salmonella. Mix granulated sugar, 2 Tbl. of water, and lemon juice in a med. sized sauce pan. Let boil, cook 5 min, until it turns dark amber. Remove from heat, and slowly stir in remaining 1/4 c. of water. Beat eggs and milk together in a bowl. Stir into sugar mixture, cook over med.-low heat for about 10 to 12 minutes. (It should thicken enough to stick to spoon) Poor into a clean bowl (punch bowl or something), stir in vanilla, nutmeg and salt. Refigerate, covered, until cold. Before serving, beat together cream, liquer, adn 10x sugar, until soft peaks form. Pour chilled eggnog into a serving bowl, fold in whipped cream with a whisk.

Whip egg substitute and sugar together, combine with the two kinds of milk, vanilla, and rum. Mix well. Chill over night. Sprinkle with nutmeg. Makes 6 servings.

Mix kahlua with eggnog in a wine glass and then sprinkle nutmeg on top.

Beat egg yolks until thick and lemon yellow, then beat in 1 cup sugar. Add slowly the rye, rum and peach liquer. Beat until smooth. Add the milk and half-and-half. Beat the egg whites until stiff but not dry, gradually adding 1/2 cup of confectioners sugar. Fold the egg whites into the batter. Just before serving, whip the cream and fold it into the other ingredients. Garnish with ground nutmeg. Serve in a punch bowl or another big bowl.

Separate the eggs (yolk and white) Set the white aside. Mix yolks well, gradually adding the cream, milk, and sugar. Get back to the egg white - WHIP IT (whip it good!) until "soft peaks" form. Fold the white into the rest. Gradually add the alcohol. Either add nutmeg right away, or sprinkle on top later. AGE for at least 2 hours in refridgerator, uncovered.

In large saucepan, beat together eggs, sugar and salt, if desired. Stir in 2 cups of the milk. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until mixture is thick enough to coat a metal spoon and reaches 160 degrees F. Remove from heat. Stir in remaining 2 cups milk and vanilla. Cover and regfigerate until thoroughly chilled, several hours or overnight. Just before serving, pour into bowl or pitcher. Garnish or add stir-ins, if desired. Choose 1 or several of: Chocolate curls, cinnamon sticks, extracts of flavorings, flavored brandy or liqueur, fruit juice or nectar, ground nutmeg, maraschino cherries, orange slices, peppermint sticks or candy canes, plain brandy, run or whiskey, sherbet or ice-cream, whipping cream, whipped. Serve immediately.

Separate eggs. Beat yolks, add sugar. Add bourbon slowly while beating. Beat egg whites until stiff. Fold whites into egg yolk mixture, then fold whipped cream into mixture. Refrigerate for more than 4 days. Stir frequently to avoid separation. Color will change to a pale Serve w/nutmeg or cinnamon.

Separate the eggs. In an electric mixer, beat the egg yolks with the sugar until thick and lemon colored. Slowly add the bourbon and cognac, while beating at slow speed. Chill several hours. Add the salt to the egg whites and beat until almost stiff, or until the beaten whites form a peak that bends slightly. Whip the cream until stiff. Fold the whipped cream into the yolk mixture, then fold in the beaten egg whites. Chill one hour. When ready to serve, sprinkle the top with freshly grated nutmeg.

Add the shots of goldschlager and peppermint schnapps to a mason jar, then fill with eggnog.

Shake well over ice cubes in a shaker, and strain into a large highball glass over ice cubes. Sprinkle with nutmeg, and serve.

Beat yolks until light. Add sugar and mix well. Add milk and rum. Mix well, then chill for at least 3 hours. One hour before serving, whip cream and stir into chilled mixture. Return to refrigerator for an hour. Serve in punch cups and dust with nutmeg. Serves 20

Mix ingredients in a punch bowl until sugar dissolves. Chill for five hours, mix, and sprinkle with grated nutmeg. Serve.

Blend all ingredients (except milk) until smooth and pour into a heat-proof goblet. Add boiling milk, sprinkle with nutmeg and serve.

Pour eggnog into a coffee mug. Stir in amaretto, and float kahlua on top. Add a small shot of whipped cream, then sprinkle a couple of pinches of nutmeg on top.

Shake all ingredients (except nutmeg) with ice and strain into a collins glass. Sprinkle nutmeg on top and serve.

Add the egg nog and Goldschlager together in a bowl. Add nutmeg if desired.

Shake sherry, powdered sugar, and egg with ice and strain into a collins glass. Fill with milk and stir. Sprinkle nutmeg on top and serve.

Mix everything togeather in the glass and make sure that the ice is crushed. The best is if the ice is like "slush". You can also serve the drink with a slice of kiwi.

Shake well over ice cubes in a shaker and strain into a large highball glass over ice cubes. Sprinkle with nutmeg.

Shake all ingredients (except nutmeg) with ice and strain into a collins glass. Sprinke nutmeg on top and serve.

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