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Check with pork sausages, cheese and pickled donuts

Check with pork sausages, cheese and pickled donuts

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An easy appetizer to make to our taste.

  • 2 pieces of smoked pork sausages
  • 3 eggs
  • 100 g of flour
  • 100 gr salted cow cheese
  • 100 walled donuts
  • 100 gr milk
  • 1/2 baking powder

Servings: 10

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Check with pork sausages, cheese and pickled donuts:

In a bowl, mix the eggs, add the milk and whipped cream on a small grater and mix well. Add the flour mixed with the baking powder and incorporate it into the egg mixture with a spatula in light movements.

The sausage and the donut are cut into slices and added to the composition and homogenized. A cake form is lined with baking paper and the composition is poured. Grease with a little beaten egg, for color.

Bake over medium heat until golden and pass the toothpick test.

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If the composition seems too soft, you can add a little more flour or grated cheese to have a richer consistency.

Recipes with daisy schismasiu

Besides the traditional holidays, Easter, Christmas, New Year's Eve, everyone has different anniversaries in the family when they have to prepare different entrees or cold appetizers and arrange them as beautiful as possible on the plates to delight guests both visually and tastefully.
I tried to make a collection of cold plates with everything they contain.
A Swedish buffet should range from meat or fish dishes to cheeses and vegetables.
I start by presenting plates with various salads served on small slices of toast. Eggplant salad, caviar salad, dried bean salad are just some of the salads that can be served on slices of bread. Next to it is a plate with made boats from slices of red bell pepper stuffed with cheese paste.

Here is a plate of meat dishes: Crispy pork slices, meatballs and a smoked chicken breast roll.

Another dish, much more diversified: pork sausages (sausages, caltabosi), Telemea cheese, slices of stuffed meats, ham rolls filled with horseradish paste and the indispensable "salted dobos". Ham slices alternating with cheese slices, glued among them with flavored butter or cheese paste and decorated with grapes.

On this plate were served spicy sausages notched and set with pickled cucumbers, chicken breast slices, chicken breast rolls and, again, ham rolls with horseradish sauce.

Here are some sandwiches and some pasta and cream ideas that can be made with. Here is egg cream, green pea cream, mushroom cream and cream cheese.

And for a greater diversity, here are some Asian sandwiches. Here we prepared some pasta from Asian cuisine. It is about Baba ganoush and Muhammara. Among them are sandwiches with cheese paste. I decorated them with slices of cucumber, pepper. red and olives.

Here is a meat roll with eggs, mussels stuffed with sausages and a check with mushrooms, all decorated with slices of yellow and red bell peppers.

Here we combined the pork sausages: caltabosi, sausages, bacon with muffins appetizer cut in half and decorated with slices of cucumber and red pepper.

Check with pork sausages, cheese and pickled donuts - Recipes

It is a tender and fragrant steak, in a sweet and slightly bitter sweet sauce from orange peel, with garlic, thyme, rosemary, oregano and bay leaf. Leave the meat to marinate for a few hours, then lightly fry for 2-3 minutes in a Teflon pan, then place in a pan, sprinkle with orange juice and place in the oven for 55-60 minutes. minutes. I discovered the recipe on a great blog, The Chef and I liked it, which is why I thought of telling others. Thanks Chef has for the recipe and I can't wait to try more!

1 kg pork leg (I used 2 muscles and 500 g chop),
2 medium oranges,
200 ml orange juice,
50 ml water,
1 teaspoon sugar (I put 3 teaspoons sugar, because the oranges were a bit sour),
optional, a little white wine.
2-3 cloves of garlic,
3 bay leaves,
2 sprigs of thyme (or 1 teaspoon dried thyme),
1 teaspoon oregano,
1 teaspoon rosemary,
1 teaspoon paprika,
salt and freshly ground black pepper,
grated orange peel (I just sprinkled a little peel over the meat, so it doesn't come out too bitter).
Method of preparation:
Put the meat in a large bowl and season with salt, pepper, sliced ​​garlic, thyme, oregano, rosemary, paprika and a little grated orange peel (wash the orange well with warm water and an abrasive sponge). Cover the dish and put it in the fridge for a few hours (I only left it for an hour).
Remove the meat from the refrigerator and lightly fry in a large Teflon pan with a tablespoon of oil. Leave for 2-3 minutes on each side, to brown lightly. Mix the squeezed juice from an orange and a half with water, sugar and possibly white wine. Place the meat in a higher roasting pan, sprinkle with orange juice and place orange slices on the edge of the dish (I put only half an orange, cut into slices).


Delicious meat prepared with orange sauce / juice. In fact, I'm weirder, I also made pork tenderloin stuffed with dried fruit. the fruits give the meat a special, divine taste. Kisses and have a wonderful week!

I would have tasted that muscle stuffed with dried fruit too! I like fruits next to meat. Thanks for the kisses and wishes, Daniela!

2 slices of bread, 4 slices of Kaizer, an egg, 2 slices of cheese (cheese), 10 slices of cucumber, arugula, cheese paste (butter paste), salt, leaf litter

1 sausage (30 cm long), 5 slices of bacon (Transylvanian musai), 7 pieces of pecie (smoked pork ham made in the country), pork chops, 2 suitable onions, 5 well pickled cucumbers, 100 gr telemea cheese, 100 g of bellows cheese.

Delicious recipe blog

200 gr diced pork muscle,

250 g grated cheese,

4 raw eggs,

100 gr pitted olives and sliced,

1 bunch of parsley,

1 diced pickled pepper,

4 tablespoons oil,

8 tablespoons flour,

1/2 sachet of baking powder extinguished,

pepper to taste.


This year I helped and I put it on in the winter. It was a tour de force, but many, many jars came out with everything.
For the donut, the quantities vary depending on the size of the jar. In a 1 l jar, enter approx 1kg, 1kg 200 donuts.

Jar 1 l Jar 2 l Jar 8 l
100 ml vinegar 200 ml vinegar 800 ml vinegar
200 ml water 400 ml water 1,600 ml water
50 g sugar 100 g sugar 400 g sugar
10 g salt 20 g salt 80 g salt

The quantities multiply depending on the jar, as in the examples I gave you above. The recipe is obviously a specific Transylvanian one, in which sugar is added in pickles :). So the final taste is not as salty as pickles in brine, nor is it as strangely sweet as Bulgarian. In my opinion, it's just the way it should be.

To start, wash the donut well, cut it in four and clean it of seeds and white veins that can be hot.

In Bucatarie La Sidy

An appetizer of effect and very easy to make, but buuuuuuun of everything. Surely those at the table will be delighted with it.
The aperitif check is welcome at any time, and can be served both hot and cold.


300 g smoked cheese
3 fire sausages cabanos
5 hard boiled eggs
4 raw eggs
4 slices of melted cheese
70 g of Prague ham
4 tablespoons sour cream
50 g pitted black olives
2 tablespoons green peas
1/2 red bell pepper
1 sachet of baking powder
5 tablespoons flour
butter for greased

Method of preparation :

We put the cheese on the grater with large holes, we cut the ham and pepper into small cubes, then we add them over the grated cheese, together with the olives and the thawed peas.
Beat the raw eggs well and mix them with the cream.
Mix the flour with the baking powder, then add it to the beaten eggs with sour cream.
Then mix the two compositions (cheese with eggs) and match the taste of salt and pepper.
We cover a cake tray with baking paper greased with a little butter and we put 1/2 of the composition in it. On the edges of the tray we put two sausages and boiled eggs between them:

Cover the eggs with the remaining cake composition and put the third sausage in the middle.
On top we put the slices of melted cheese, which we decorate with a little red pepper and green parsley leaves, or each as he wishes.

Put the cake pan in the preheated oven at 169 degrees C for 40-45 minutes, until browned on top.
When it is ready, take the cake out of the oven and let it cool a little in the pan.
Then take out the baking paper and portion the cake.

Check with pork sausages, cheese and pickled donuts - Recipes


- Frozen chicken about 2 - 2.5 kg - 80 kr / kg

- Frozen poultry duck about 3 - 3.5 kg - 115 kr / kg

- Homemade noodles 500 gr - 60 kr / bag

- Fresh sheep's milk - 120 kr / kg

- Kneaded cheese (bellows) in a jar 720 ml - 90 kr / boron

- Green garlic / Fresh leustean - 10 kr / leg

- Jumeri - about 400 gr - 150 kr / kg

- Meat and sausages in lard (garnished) - 720 ml - 90 kr / bor

- Pickled cucumbers in brine - bucket 1 Lt - 50 kr / gall

- Peach / Plum / Quince / Apricot jam - 314 ml - 35 kr / boron

- Plum magic / Cherry jam - 314 ml - 50 kr / boron


Peeled and frozen carp about 2 kg - 150 kr / kg

Frozen mackerel about 1-1.3 kg (without gutted head) - 100 kr / kg

Frozen hake (trunk) 900 gr - 80 kr / bag

Frozen hamsie 1 kg - 90 kr / bag

Carp (herring) caviar salad with Bonito onion 170 gr - 25 kr / piece

Salted carp caviar, unprepared 150 gr - 90 kr / bor

Canned fish (on request) - price depending on the product

ELIT chicken breast parizer about 2 kg (cut to weights) - 85 kr / kg

Pariser ELIT pork about 5.2 kg (cut to grams) - 85 kr / kg

ELIT chicken breast sausages about 1 kg - 85 kr / kg

ELIT pork sausage about 1 kg - 80 kr / kg

Poles with ELIT Chicken Breast about 2 kg - 85 kr / kg

Polish ELIT Pork about 2 kg - 85 kr / kg

Homemade Smoked Butchers - 150 kr / kg

SZANTO Smoked Sausages (normal / spicy) about 500 gr - 175 kr / kg

Carnati Plai SZANTO cca 500 gr - 175 kr / kg

AGRA'S Thin Barbecue Sausages about 1 kg - 120 kr / kg

Sausages GRILL (PDC) ELITE about 2 kg - 150 kr / kg
Carnati de Casa Grosi (PDC) ELIT - 150 kr / kg

Check with pork sausages, cheese and pickled donuts - Recipes

I have this recipe from Levent, my host and friend from May 2. It seemed to me a simple and extremely tasty recipe that is worth trying.
-I don't give quantities, you will see how to prepare why
- donuts, preferably the size (diameter) of the jar in which you put them, if you put them in small jars of 700 g.
- bay leaves, peppercorns, horseradish

-wash the donuts and carefully remove the back, then place them in a tray that goes in the oven.

-Put the donuts in the oven heated to 180 * -200 * C, ie over medium heat, until the peel on them shrinks, then leave the tray covered with foil to cool
-carefully place the donut in jars, with the hole down, so that the juice contained in the donut drips, add bay leaves, peppercorns and horseradish as in any can. If the donuts have left some juice in the tray, add it and on it in jars.
-sterilize the jars in a bain marie or according to the desired method.

In Bucatarie La Sidy

To draw near Christmas and at the Romanian's table it must smell of Pork.
Romanians cannot imagine their winter holidays without the ritual of cutting the pig. Every self-respecting householder has an animal that he sacrifices during this period. And this is kept, especially in the village, where tradition and customs have not been lostin the modern present.
Homemade sausages they are delicious, and can be eaten raw-fried or smoked. Anyone can prepare some delicious sausages at home, following the traditional recipe of the area where they live.
For sausages we will choose the best pork and a few pieces of bacon (if we want slightly fatter sausages).

The story of the pig start with cutting it.
The pig will be fried with the burner to remove its hair (straw was used before.)
After the grinding operation, we throw with a cup, warm water over the pig and wash it well, using for this purpose a brush with rougher plastic threads.
After rubbing with the brush, the pig will be scraped with a knife to remove the superficial layer of burnt skin, then it will be rinsed again.
At the end of these activities we will have a clean fat as a tear and we will be able to move on to the transition stage.

We need :

20-25 kg of pork
5 kg of bacon
1/2 kg of garlic
200 g ground pepper
200 g sweet paprika
50 g boia iute
220 g of salt
50 g thyme
50 c ground cumin

Method of preparation :

The meat will be cut into small pieces, after which it will be given through the mincer.

We clean the garlic and put it through the meat grinder on the thickest sieve. Be careful not to chop it too small.
Season the minced meat and bacon, add the garlic, spices and a cup of warm water and knead the composition well until smooth.
When the meat is ready, let it mix all the flavors well for about 15-20 minutes.

Put the meat in the mincer.

Roll the pork mat on the conical device of the meat mincer and then make a knot at the end of it.

Put meat in the mincer and gradually fill the pork loin.

As we finish filling the sausages, we will place it nicely in a pan, in a spiral, as in the image below.

We leave them like this until the next morning when we put them out for 24 hours.

Some of them will go to smoke, and another will be kept fresh in the freezer.

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