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Frito-Lay Hit with Second False Labeling Lawsuit

Frito-Lay Hit with Second False Labeling Lawsuit

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A New York man says the 'all-natural' claims are misleading

Last month Frito-Lay was hit with a class-action lawsuit about the "all-natural" labeling on the Tostitos packaging, and this month they got slapped with another one for the same exact thing.

A New York man is suing Frito-Lay, claiming that the "'all-natural ingredients" labeling on Tostitos and SunChips are misleading. The plaintiff said the snacks include corn and oils made from genetically engineered plants.

According to the Center for Food Safety, there isn't a formal definition of the term "natural" for food labels (some meat products are the exception). A Frito-Lay representative told Reuters that the company felt their labeling "complies with all regulatory requirements."

Both lawsuits hope to recover the extra amount of money customers paid for the "all natural" product; the New York plaintiff alleges he paid an additional 10 cents per ounce of chips.

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