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Pasta with donuts, celery and hot peppers

Pasta with donuts, celery and hot peppers

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I cleaned the donuts, washed them and finely chopped them on the robot. I did the same with celery and hot peppers.

I put the 3 compositions on low heat, in a large pot. I added sugar, salt, pepper and bay leaves. After a few boils I poured the tomato juice.

I let everything boil, chewing from time to time so that the paste does not stick to the pot, until the composition fell by almost half the amount set on fire.

I poured the donut paste hot in washed and dried jars (hot, even) in the microwave. I stapled and covered the jars with 2-3 thick towels, until they cooled.

It is kept in the pantry or cellar and consumed with various foods (or popped with a spoon, because it is very tasty!).


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