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Rice arancini

Rice arancini

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Rice arancini recipe by of 26-02-2015 [Updated on 10-05-2016]

Rice arancini are a classic of Sicilian cuisine, they are mini timbales of fried rice stuffed with meat sauce, cheese and peas. Their name derives from the shape and golden color that resembles that of an orange, although the basic recipe is more or less similar throughout Sicily, there are differences in name and shape that are often debated. In the western part of the island this specialty is known as "arancina", while in the eastern part it is called "arancino", in Palermo they are made round, and in Messina they are made conical;) I don't know about you, but I love them in all names and all shapes and this morning I propose my recipe. Small curiosity, on December 13, on the occasion of the feast of Saint Lucia, in Sicily and in particular in Palermo there is the tradition of eating arancine, I read an article last year in which it was written that on that day they are sold millions of arancine. A kiss and good day to those who pass by: *


How to make rice arancini

Cook the rice in a saucepan in salted water, do not put too much, you will have to ensure that at the end of cooking it has been almost completely absorbed.

Once cooked, dissolve the saffron in very little water and add it to the rice along with the egg and grated cheese.

Mix well to mix everything

Pour the rice on a flat serving plate, roll it out and let it cool completely

Brown the chopped onion in a saucepan, then add the minced meat. Brown the meat then add salt and add the wine

Add the tomato puree and simmer covered for about 20 minutes.

Now add the boiled peas and mix

Once the rice has cooled, form the arancini.
Take a spoonful of rice and fill it in the center with a spoonful of filling and a little cheese

Close the arancino with a little rice and shape it giving it a round shape.

Pass the arancini in a saucer with beaten egg and then in the breadcrumbs

Fry the arancini in a pan with hot oil until. Turn them from time to time until they are completely browned.

Lift them with a slotted spoon and place them gradually on a sheet of absorbent paper, then serve the hot rice arancini.

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