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Fried asparagus

Fried asparagus

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Fried asparagus recipe of 18-03-2017 [Updated on 18-03-2017]

Fried asparagus is a simple and delicious dish to make. They are prepared with a beer batter thanks to which the final frying will be made decidedly more crunchy, but above all lighter. To be served as an appetizer, perhaps accompanied with some sauce or as a side dish, the fried asparagus in batter they are a dish that is always very popular in my home, with the necessary exceptions of course (right Ivano?)
I warn you: one asparagus leads to another and so you will find yourself having eaten them all in no time ... prepare plenty of them if necessary! After a month of business trips, today I finally spend an entire weekend in Naples. We have already organized everything, today a walk along the promenade and spring shopping and tomorrow, since the weather brings rain and we all want to relax a bit, we have organized a pajama day ... yeah !!! Now I leave you to the recipe and I'm going to prepare myself, kisses: *


How to make fried asparagus

Start preparing the batter by putting flour, salt, pepper in a bowl and adding the beer a little at a time.
Once you get a smooth and homogeneous mixture, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let it rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the asparagus, clean them by removing the hardest part of the stem and steam them for 10 minutes.
When cooked, cut each asparagus in half then dip them in the batter prepared previously.

Heat plenty of oil in a pan and fry the asparagus a little at a time.
Lift them with a skimmer when they are golden brown and remove excess oil by drying them on absorbent paper.

The battered asparagus is ready to be brought to the table.

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