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Soft cocoa tarts

Soft cocoa tarts

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Soft cocoa tarts recipe by of 01-05-2017 [Updated on 08-05-2017]

The soft cocoa tarts are a beautiful and delicious dessert that can be prepared on various occasions. Unlike the more classic ones tarts, here there is no shortcrust pastry with cocoa but a soft fluffy dough covered with a tasty white chocolate and cheese frosting. The cooking takes place in the smart mold, in single-serving version this time, and the decorations are made with slices of strawberry. As a first recipe of the month of May I could only post a dessert with strawberries and given how good they are, you just have to try them too: P
Starting the week with a public holiday is really nice, if I then add the fact that I am immersed in nature and that this morning I will take a nice horse ride, everything becomes even more beautiful; D I'm going, a kiss and we read more late :*


How to make soft cocoa tarts

With a whisk, begin to whip the eggs with the sugar.

Then add the remaining ingredients by sifting the flour and cocoa.
After mixing, transfer the mixture into buttered molds and bake at 180 ° C for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, dedicate yourself to frosting by mixing powdered sugar, philadelphia and melted chocolate.

Once the tarts have been taken out of the oven and allowed to cool, remove them from the molds and turn them over.

Clean and slice the strawberries and, after creating some stuffing roses with a pastry bag, add them to decorate.

Your soft cocoa tarts are ready to be served.

And this is the video recipe

Video: Tartaletas Gianduja Mango y Caramelo. Gianduja Mango u0026 Caramel tarts (July 2022).


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