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Microwave cheesecake

Microwave cheesecake

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Microwave Cheesecake Recipe by of 16-07-2015 [Updated on 29-07-2015]

Can I say these microwave cheesecakes are cool? No, because I really don't know how to define them differently, since in 5 minutes they get very good and cute single portion cheesecakes. When I found the recipe, I must admit that I tested it a bit incredulous, I usually prefer cooked cheesecakes, but given the biblical cooking times, and then with this heat, I opt for the cold ones, with this recipe instead I can indulge myself this dessert even in summer and the monoporzuoni are really comfortable. If the microwave had a soul I should really apologize to it, I've always mistreated it by confining it to the mere task of warming Elisa's bottle or to prepare a cup of tea for me and instead I've been re-evaluating it lately :) well, if I have you intrigued, try my recipe to prepare cheesecake in the microwave and then come back and tell me if I was not right that I'm cool :)
P.Š. And gisto not to miss anything, here you can also find a small video tutorial


How to make cheesecakes in the microwave

Chop the biscuits and mix them in a bowl with the melted butter.

With the mixture obtained, create compact bases in single-portion glass cups (about 7 cm).

Now prepare the cream cheese by whipping the philadelphia with the cream, sugar, egg, vanilla and lime juice.

Pour the cream obtained on the biscuit bases being careful to leave half a centimeter free.

Cook the single-portion cheesecakes in the microwave at 800W for 4 minutes.

Put the chessecakes in the fridge to harden for at least an hour
Then decorate each dessert with different toppings, chocolate, black cherry, caramel and Nutella sauce and serve.

Video: Easy Mini Cheesecakes Recipe (July 2022).


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