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The nastrine... Raise your hand if you do not know these delicious briochine, soft and crunchy at the same time, they are a delight for the eyes and especially for the palate! It was a while since I published a nice fake author, so here I am offering you this wonderful recipe. The process is a bit long, because as you will remember the nastrine they are puffed briochines, so in addition to preparing a leavened dough there are also a few folds to make, but I assure you that it is absolutely worth it, and that at the first bite you will be amply rewarded for the hard work ... And then you want to put the satisfaction of your children's astonished gaze when they see you churning out these wonderful homemade ribbons straight from your oven?

First, dissolve the yeast in the milky room temperature.
Put the flour in a bowl and add the yeast dissolved in the milk in the center and start to mix, then add the other ingredients (sugar, salt, butter in pieces, grated lemon peel and eggs) and knead until obtaining a homogeneous and strung mixture.
Cover the bowl with cling film without letting them touch the dough and let it rise for 1 hour.

In the meantime, prepare the pastry cream by working the butter slightly softened with the sugar.
Take the dough back, deflate it and roll it out into a 2-3 mm thick rectangular sheet.
Spread half of the cream on one third of the pastry, fold the dough on itself to cover the cream, then spread the remaining cream on the last third of the pastry and fold the dough again to cover the cream.

With a rolling pin, roll out the rectangle of dough thus created and fold it in half and in half again to form a square.

Flatten again with a rolling pin to create a long and thin rectangle and cut the dough into 24 strips of about 2 cm.
Twist each strip on itself, then cross the strips 2 by 2 to form the ribbons.

As they are ready, place the briochine on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Let rise for another hour, then bake at 180 ° C in a preheated convection oven and bake for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.
If you want, before cooking you can brush with milk and sprinkle with sugar.

Your homemade ribbons are ready, let them at least cool before serving.



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