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Feta baked in foil

Feta baked in foil

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Recipe Feta baked in foil by of 13-06-2012 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

Feta al cartoccio is an appetizer that makes me so much summer, on the menus of Greek restaurants it is referred to as baked feta and is usually prepared with tomatoes, oregano, and green chillies, although there are versions that include the addition of olives or still others with onions. Even if on vacation I still wanted to leave you a greeting and a new recipe and this one of baked feta falls perfectly. I wish you a good day, I'm going to enjoy this other day at sea with my loves, yesterday the puppy took her first swim in the sea and is literally crazy with joy, she was perfectly at ease in the water, she moved legs, splashed the water and had a smile on her face, so this morning I can't wait to get her back in the water. Kisses to everyone.


How to make feta in foil

Spread a little olive oil on the silver paper and place the slice of feta cheese on its surface
Cut the tomato into slices and place it on the cheese, sprinkle with oregano and some green chilli rodelline

Close the silver paper forming a foil and bake the feta at 160 °

Cook the feta for 10 minutes then serve or directly the feta in foil

or in a dish, pouring a drizzle of raw oil over the entire surface of the feta cheese before bringing it to the table

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